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The New York Music and Theater Invention Company sponsored by Beethoven Pianos presents:

“True Artists”, a play about the life of Beethoven; written & directed by Wolfe Gregory Nissen, in association with Myriam Phiro, Alan Hanna & Diego Diaz.

I love directing… Somehow, I must have been busy with other projects to let this aspect of my artistic persona drift away for a while… Only it was to make an even better come back!!! Amongst the New York Music & Theatre Invention Company, I have joined my love and devotion of the work to a creative & passionate team of people. Together we created this “little baby” from scratch, performing on:

Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 6pm
Saturday Feb 23rd at 9.45pm
Sunday Feb 24th at 6pm

At the Roy Arias theater (300 W 43rd St, 4th floor)

As part of the Midwinter Madness Festival; celebrating the new work of NYC’s emerging authors.

True Artists is “An intimate look at the legendary genius at three different ages: as an eight year-old, a teenager, and at 47. The drama focuses on his romantic affairs, his fascination with revolutionary politics, and of course his heroic struggle with deafness ( and with landlords!)”

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See you then 😉

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