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Once received an offer to do a photo shoot in the style of Art Nouveau with Myriam Phiro, I wasn’t just happy, but was also agitated, worried.
Myriam Phiro has this type of an artistic , sensitive  face which I could describe in one way only –  when you see  her face just once  – you’d remember it  forever.
You can forget the name of the play, where you saw it, or the name of the person who introduced you, but you’ll never forget intelligent (not cold, detached), warm and cheerful beauty of Myriam Phiro.
And so I was thinking :” If I can pass this rare quality, this beauty ,as  if animated dancing figurine, painted once by Alexander Benois for Russian Seasons in Paris has come alive”.
Fortunately my worries subsided after the first shot – Myriam was gorgeous model, as if she was having a trusting conversation with a camera.
 Without knowing the leading words of photographer, she was right  there  ,where I needed her to be and  over all she ‘s been creating  new ideas for another shots!.
Three hours of a photo shoot went  by like a flash!
I want to thank Myriam for the opportunity to work with her, very photogenic and creative  model , wonderful actress and an extraordinary person.
– Gleb Ushakov; photographer

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