Miss Phiro’s Swing Party… Meet the band at Jalopy (March 27th @ 10pm!)

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A french songbird, a trombone, a guitar, a bass and drums…. All what it takes to make delightful music!

Brought together by a mutual love of french cuisine and french music, Myriam Phiro and Robbie Kleinberg began their musical partnership and Miss Phiro’s Swing Party was born. Having a swingband has always been one of Myriam’s dreams; considering her range from a seductive and elegant jazz singer to an energetic swingdancer, the transition was obvious. Robbie’s flair for it came after a decade of education in American Jazz, and found himself captivated by French music at first “bonjour!”

Then, selected musicians were added to the mix; creating a very unique flavor; alienating the big band era’s sounds, the french elegance of the 20’s topped with a modern twist. If, as indivuals, all members are very much profilic in their solo careers on NY’s music scene, they’re happy to offer The Apple’s audiences their rendition of a Swingband!

Band includes:

Meet the Founder Members!

Meet the Founder Members!

-Myriam Phiro: vocals
-Robbie Kleinberg: Trombone
-Jeff McLaughlin: Guitar
-Alex Minier: Bass
-Luiz Ebert: Drums

On March 27th (10pm), Miss Phiro’s Swing Party will appear at beautiful & vintage Jalopy Theatre & School of Music (315 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231)! (In company of Victor V. Gurbo & co. and Josh Friedman for what will be an awesome triple bill event! Buy your tickets in advance here, and get a discount ($7 only!!): http://jalopy.biz/store/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=942

Lots of music, lots of talent and lots of fun ahead! You don’t wanna miss this….;)

Join facebook event for all details: https://www.facebook.com/events/520008574781811/522978501151485/?ref=notif&notif_t=like

Here are some photos of our last gig; “Meet me in Paris”: A Clandestine Cabaret:

Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014

Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014

"A night in Paris" Cladestine Cabaret (Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014)

Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014

"A night in Paris" Clandestine Cabaret (Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014)

Gowanus, BK, Feb 2014

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