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PIAF AT 100: “For your consideration” show!


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MAC Awards Season is upon us! Come to our cabaret show telling Piaf’s story through song, circus and burlesque!

On MARCH 3RD @ 9.30pm, friends & I will be celebrating the Great Piaf encore une fois in a “for your consideration” extra special performance! For that not-to-be-missed event, we happily guide you through the decadent world of Edith Piaf using her timeless songs to retell the life of this iconic performer who’ve inspired me so much in becoming an artist. Accompanied by a band and multi-disciplinary backup singers, I will recreate the brothels, circuses and nightclubs that created the great Piaf we all know. The performance will last 60-70 minutes.

2015 marked Edith Piaf’s centennial. ‘La Môme Piaf’, as she was nicknamed, introduced America to the world of ‘Chanson Réaliste’. Her songbook has become classic and still engages audiences worldwide. However, her early life is shrouded in mystery – daughter of a circus performer, childhood in a brothel, blind for years and ‘miraculously’ cured by a pilgrimage St. Therese – these stories and more are brought to life with music, dance and circus performance in our exciting cabaret show.

Come to the Cabaret and let us serenade you! Make your reservation now (recommended):

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