Autumn in NY

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Oh yes, it’s my favorite season and I get to be back in the land of pictoresque landscapes & fresh smells of cracking leaves for it 🙂

This fall promises to be rich in projects of all sorts (as usual):

-CD Release Party in Montreal (details to come soon) with a fantastic team behind me to make it even more of a success than the NYC edition (see review at

-Bliss Jockeys extravaganza: A project of late; I joined Phil Robinson’s band to add my spark  to their fantastic gospel & folk sound. A few shows to come this fall! Check details and news here:

-Swingband: Those who’ve known me as a swingdancer know that it was unavoidable that I’d, at some point, form my own swingband… Well, with the chosen musicians and the right setting, I will say that the time has now come, ladies and gentlemen! Trombonist & dear friend Robbie Kleinberg and I have gotten the wheels rolling on this project, but as we are still pretty early in the stages of it, I will happily inform you of the outgoings of all this too (don’t worry!)

-Writing projects: After the release of “My Rêverie”, I’ll start working on an album featuring my own original songs. This will actually allow me to give a new birth to all these poems sleeping in my notebooks… Lots of fun ahead!

And of course, there is always room for the unplanned and unknown projects to come my way; which are even sometimes the most fulfilling! Stay tuned for all that! It will be an amazing fall! Bisouxx 🙂

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